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NIED Earthquake Mechanism Search
Search results are limited to 5,000 events.
*Number of events in NIED F-net catalog
  2015: Approx. 1,400 events
  2011: Approx. 6,900 events
▼ Search by using JMA Earthquake Information
Origin Time
Time Zone
Start Date
Year: Month: Day:
Hour: Min:
End Date
Year: Month: Day:
Hour: Min:
  Including starting day.
Latitude / Longitude
e.g. 20N   — 50N
E E   ※the GSI map        118E — 156E
JMA Depth
km km e.g. 30km — 100km
JMA Magnitude
Mj Mj e.g. Mj4.0 — Mj5.5
Region name
    Latitude N,  Longitude E  Radius km

▼ Mechanism Search by using NIED Moment Tensor Determination Results
e.g. 0 — 30
e.g. 0 — 30
e.g. 0 — 30
Nm   Nm e.g. 4.5e15Nm — 1.3e17Nm
MT Depth
km   km e.g. 30km — 100km
MT Magnitude
Mw   Mw e.g. Mw4.0 — Mw5.0
Variance Reduction
e.g. 60 — 100
# of Stations

▼ Output Format
  • Sort in order of
  • Display
  • mechanism plot.
Text Format

  • Input file for
  • Event title format:

  • ¶ Note1
    The output includes sample script command for user's convenience.
    If this sample script dose not work, please modify by yourself to fit your environment.
    ¶ Note2
    When you do not specify latitude and longitude, mechanisms will plot on the default map
    (23N-47N,125E-150.5E) including all Japanese islands.
    ¶ Note3
    'psmeca' command is supported by GMT Version3.3.4 or later. 'psvelomeca' is supported by GMT Version3.2 or prior.

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