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[Access to the data]

〓 Question No.15   2006/02/22
Why does my downloaded file have an extension of "tar.tar"? I selected the compression type, "tar+compress" or "tar+gzip".

〓 Question No.14   2005/03/31
How can I get user account for getting data?

〓 Question No.09   2000/12/22
When I want to get the waveform from 2000/01/01,00:00:00 to 2000/01/01,00:10:00, does the following command work?
get [station name] [component name] 00/01/01,00:00:00 00/01/01,00:10:00

〓 Question No.01   2000/04/07
How can I get waveform data from you?

[Waveform data]

〓 Question No.20   2008/06/10
How can I use the SAC?

〓 Question No.03   2007/11/08
What is the " TEXT Format "?

〓 Question No.08   2000/09/25
Are broadband waveforms provided by the F-net project already corrected for the instrumental response?
Or should I remove instrumental response from the waveforms obtained?

〓 Question No.05   2000/08/09
Where can I find the scale factor of the data (in text format)?
It is not included in the heading of the blocks.

〓 Question No.06   2000/08/09
Some records of the broadband data are all negative. What does it mean.
Is any shift required in the axis.

〓 Question No.04   2000/06/05
Why does the SAC data header have non-zero NZMSEC field? Is it observed value or useless one? These values are different among stations.
Moreover, is it possible to specify the time window in mili-seconds?

[Moment tensor solution]

〓 Question No.17   2008/06/10
Tell me about the velocity structure which you use for moment tensor calculation.

〓 Question No.16   2008/06/10
Tell me about the area which you calculate earthquake moment tensor solutions.

〓 Question No.11   2001/01/25
I have a couple of questions concerning the result of the moment tensoranalysis. Above which magnitude does the catalog include all the events?
Do you have any references to quote about the results of the moment tensor analysis?


〓 Question No.19   2008/06/10
What is Japanese intensity scale? Is it Richter scale?

〓 Question No.18   2008/06/10
I need any publications who specify the specifications of F-net

〓 Question No.07   2000/09/25
I would like to find out about the Kobe earthquake.

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